Who is behind the DipSticks?

A pilot with true passion for flying - just like you!

I’m Jörg, a passionate Private Pilot PPL(A) SEP(land) with an Instrument Rating IR(A). Some of you may know my Blog Joey lernt fliegen and my Youtube-Channel Joey fliegt.

I guess I did like most of you. In the beginning I purchased several of those typical Fuelhawks, Fuel Level Gauges or Fuel-Fingers you all know. Those tubular plastic sticks that fit to no pilot bag and that may break or crack if you happen to drop them. Lacking a true alternative, I used this kind of measurement equipment quite a while. And I strongly paid attention not to let too much dirt into the tube, as I did not want to contaminate my aircraft’s tanks.

One day during my Instrument Rating it just popped into my eyes. The alternative. Totally captivated I pulled out out a wooden fuel dipstick from the seat pocket of my training aircraft. Someone took the great effort of manually placing a calibrated scale with impact letters into this flat but lightweight piece of wood. What a beautiful one of a kind! And it worked out excellent! Not only you could read the fuel level with ease. The AvGas would dry in seconds if you only shaked the stick through the air.

The idea for a durable DipStick in series manufacturing was born. Many prototypes and processing methods later I held it in my hand. The first laser-cut and laser-engraved, durable and lightweight DipStick. The first two generations were made from wood, meanwhile a DipStick is made from special synthetics, which are refined in an elaborate process. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

If you happen to see me at an airfield, just say hello - I’m sure there will be some DipSticks in my pilot bag for you. Happy Landings!