Who is behind the DipSticks?

Who is behind the DipSticks?

I am Jörg, a passionate private pilot with PPL(A) SEP(land), an Instrument Rating IR(A) and instructor priviliges CRI(A). Some of you may know my blog Joey lernt fliegen, the associated YouTube channel Joey fliegt, or my Instagram profile joey_fliegt.

Like many of you, I started out buying several of those typical Fuel-Finger, Fuelhawks, or Fuel Gauges that everyone knows. Those plastic tubes lying around in bins at pilot shops that don’t fit properly into any flight bag and break the first time they hit the ground. Due to a lack of a good alternative, I used these fuel gauges for quite a while, always making sure that not too much dirt accumulated inside the tubes, as I certainly did not want to contaminate the tanks.

However, at the beginning of my instrument flight training, I saw it. The alternative. I was utterly fascinated when I pulled a wooden stick from the back seat pocket of my training aircraft. Someone had actually taken the trouble to emboss the scale for a Cessna 172 into a flat but very robust piece of wood with painstaking detail using punch letters. A true one-of-a-kind, made specifically for that aircraft. And it worked excellently! Not only could one read the fuel amount very accurately, but it also dried in no time, all it took was a few shakes in the air.

The idea for a robust DipStick in series was born. Many prototypes and processing methods later, I held the first laser-cut and laser-engraved, stable and feather-light DipStick in my hands. The first two generations of the DipSticks were made of wood, but now the DipStick is made from a special plastic that is elaborately finished. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

If you ever meet me at an airfield, feel free to talk to me - I’m sure I’ll have a few DipSticks in my bag! Happy Landings!