Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about DipStick Features

How easy is it to use the DipStick?

Measuring fuel has never been easier. With the DipStick, there's no more guessing how much fuel is left in the tank. Place the DipStick into the tank filler neck until it touches the bottom. Remove the DipStick to read the level. Shake to dry. Done! Watch the instructional video.

What material is the DipStick made from?

Our DipSticks are made from robust specialty plastic and are exclusively finished. The product is guaranteed to be resistant to all types of fuel.

Is the DipStick easy to transport?

Good pilots ensure they travel light and well-organized. Our ultra-light DipStick is optimized to fit effortlessly into any DIN A4 folder or pilot's flight bag. Try that with an acrylic glass tube!

How quickly does the DipStick dry after use?

Shake the DipStick in the air for a few seconds after use, and it dries within seconds. This allows it to be stowed away quickly.

FAQs about DipStick Models and Customization

Which DipStick is suitable for my aircraft model?

We offer pre-scaled DipSticks for various aircraft models. Make sure the scaling matches your aircraft model. Each aircraft is different. Refer to your flight manual.

My aircraft model isn't listed. How can I get a suitable DipStick?

Some aircraft models are not very common or have significant differences in fuel tanks. Simply send us a message, and we will check if we can include your aircraft model in our range. Have you seen our Universal DipStick? With it, you can create your own scale, perfectly suited for your plane.

What are the chances that my aircraft model will be included in the store?

The process to develop, engrave, and cut a model is very complex and costly. Individual customizations are unfortunately not possible. If there is sufficient interest in a specific model, we are happy to include it in our product range.

What are the advantages of the DipStick over acrylic glass fuel sticks like Fuel Finger or Fuel Hawk?

DipSticks are made from specialty plastic. They do not break like acrylic tubes if you drop them. There are also no tubes that could potentially contaminate your fuel. DipSticks are flat, light, and fit into any folder or bag the size of DIN A4.

FAQs about Ordering and Shipping

Do you sell and ship worldwide?

We sell and ship worldwide - with the exception of the USA and Canada (😢).