Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Have some questions about our DipSticks? Maybe they are already answered.

DipStick Features

Easy to use - Reading your fuel levels made simple
With DipStick you will stop guessing your fuel levels. Insert DipStick into the fuel filler neck until it touches the bottom. Remove DipStick to read fuel level. Shake to dry. Done! Watch the video tutorial.
Made from durable special synthetics, exclusively refined
Our DipSticks are made from special synthetics, refined in a special process. The product is tested durable against all fuels - guaranteed.
Super flat and extra lightweight - fit's to your pilot bag
Good pilots travel decluttered and well organized. The DipStick is light as a feather and optimized to fit easily in any Letter or DIN A4-sized folder or pilot bag. Try that with an acrylic glass tube!
Dry in seconds - Stow it right after usage
Just shake the DipStick through the air after usage for a couple of seconds.

Questions about the DipSticks

Which DipStick is suitable for my aircraft?
We offer pre-scaled DipSticks for different types of aircraft. Make sure the scale corresponds with your type of aircraft. Every aircraft is different. Consult your Pilot Operating Handbook.
My aircraft model is missing. How can I get a pre-scaled DipStick for it?
Some types of aircraft are rare or the individual aircrafts of a type show significant differences regarding the fuel tanks. Just drop us a message, we will check if we could add your model to our product line. Already discovered our Universal Dipstick? Create your own scale, just for your aircraft.
How are the chances my aircraft model will make it to the shop?
The process of creating, engraving and cutting a model is laborious and expensive. Single requests can not be fulfilled. If we get a lot demand about a specific model, it will make it's way to the shop.
What is the advantage over acrylic glass fuel gauges like Fuel Finger or Fuel Hawk?
DipSticks are made from special synthetics. They won't crack or break like acrylic glass pipes if you drop them. Also there is no tube that may cause contamination of your fuel. DipSticks are flat, light weight and will easily fit in any Letter or DIN A4 size bag or folder.

Questions about ordering and shipping

Do you sell and ship worldwide?
We sell and ship worldwide - Except for the US and Canada.
I live in a country outside the European Union. Why can I only order 8 articles at a time?
Your order is subject to a CN22 customs declaration. Large volume orders will need an individual CN23 customs declaration form. Just drop us a message, and we are ready to go.